Selected Work
Nov 11, 2019
Silent No Longer: Trump’s Betrayal Stirs DFW’s Sizable Kurdish Community to Action Dallas Observer
Oct 21, 2019
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Oct 18, 2019
Protesters, Police and MAGA Hat Sellers Agree: Trump Rally Was Better Than Expected Dallas Observer
Oct 9, 2019
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May 28, 2019
School Segregation: A Big Experiment in Brooklyn NYCityLens
Mar 16, 2019
Deal with Hudson Yards Developers Frustrates Union Members NYCityLens
Mar 13, 2019
The Fox is Guarding the Station House NYCityLens
Feb 25, 2019
Whose Bike Lane Is It? The City's Delivery vs. Safety Dilemma NYCityLens
Oct 19, 2018
Mott Haven Charter Schools Still Fail to Enroll a Fair Share of Students Learning English BronxInk
Oct 18, 2018
(Interactive) The State of Bronx Parks BronxInk
Sep 28, 2018
Hurricane Maria Survivor to Paint Climate Change Mural with Local Students BronxInk